Keep an eye on your website from wherever you are. Get to know who is coming to see your site.


We know how to help with your problems. Being honest, we had to solve ours at a stage. We know how it feels.


Not only will you be found, but you will be prefered. Search Engine Optimisation included in all our packages.

it can be anything

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It is simple: What you need is what we do.

We help you shoulder-to-shoulder. All the work is fully customisable. The idea is that you feel proud of showing others your webpage; yes, your own webpage.

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We are always on the search of the best for you. Nobody is ever disappointed.

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What we offer

International Hosting

No matter what happens in your area, your website will be online all the time. So, do not be afraid of "Loadshedding" or things alike.

Responsive Webpages

Many people will see your webpage for the first time on a mobile device. We know that. All our websites can be displayed on any smart phone or tablet.

Your Own Domain

You have worked hard to get your brand easily recognisable. Now, your brand can be your webage. You chose the extension ".co.za", ".com", ".org", well, you got the point.

Customised Email

Your brand can be your email, too. No more "@telkomsa.net" or "@gmail.com". Now it can be "@whateveryouwantittobe.co.za". And you can use it in the already familiar Gmail interface.

Booking Systems

If you work based on appointments (like doctors, therapists, phychologists and others), we can make your life easy. Let your customers book online. You and them will know when you will see again.

Mobile App

Would you like that your webpage becomes a portable App that everyone could download from the AppStore or Playstore? Yes, we can make that for you, too.

No more "Lorem Ipsum"

We make sure that all the content is relevant and can be easily spotted by Google or Bing. Everything is Search Engine friendly.

Optional Control

If you want to go out and enjoy the waves while we take care of your web's needs, that's okay. But, if you prefer to learn how to do things on your own, we can train you.

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